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Mayweather Ecosystem of Gym Franchises, Gaming, and Licensed Products

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Shaping the Future of Health, Wellness, and Fitness​

We’re a portfolio holding company that is developing quickly-scalable and asset-lite businesses across multiple categories under the Mayweather brand.

$35 Million

Total corporate revenue achieved at ~1,500% growth (2018-2022)

Multiple Businesses

Gym franchises, nutritional products, gaming & merchandise

$10 Million

Of venture capital already raised from accredited investors


Rapidly Growing Fitness and Technology Licensing Company

Floyd is a sports marketing genius, so we were always going to do things in a different way in business. By bringing in public investors, we are changing the way fitness companies can fund, grow and market themselves.

Mayweather Gym Franchise Has Grown Exponentially


#1 Ranked Boxing Franchise in the World by Entrepreneur!

After spending the last two decades as the most successful boxer in the history of the sport, Floyd Mayweather decided to launch a fitness brand based around his proprietary workouts and training methodology.

100 Locations

Open/in development nationwide

2,000% Growth

System-wide revenue growth since 2020

$22+ Billion

Boutique fitness industry market size

Unlimited Potential

Built around multiple revenue streams

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Floyd Mayweather
Undefeated VR Game

Break Out the VR and Fight Against Floyd

The ultimate Mayweather gaming concept planned soon!

Mayweather Licensed
are Planned Soon

Clean, Powerful, and Effective Supplements

The Mayweather Champ clean supplement concept is planned to help power through the day and spark peak performance.

Line of clean, powerful and effective supplements formulated for everyday athletes who demand the highest quality and peak performance.

Developed with scientifically researched key ingredients – no underdosing or imitation ingredients.

Free of banned substances, free of artificial colors or dyes, free of harmful impurities – enables athletes to unlock their best performances.

Fully dosed formulas, beta tested first in the real world by real athletes and tested and approved by Floyd Mayweather.

Cutting edge delivery systems for faster absorption, smaller serving sizes and improved mixability.

University tested flavors – every flavor tastes great and market-tested for proof.


Personalized Approach for Nutrition and Supplements

Algorithm that determines personalized supplement stack, nutrition and workout plan to achieve your fitness goals.


From the Canvas to Capital

Floyd Mayweather is one of the most famous athletes in the world – and arguably the most successful athlete businessmen.

His business acumen during his career led him to become one of the world’s richest athletes, without ever licensing his name or diluting the Mayweather brand.

In fact, Floyd was so protective of his brand so that he could build a platform after boxing that would become a global powerhouse across multiple brands in fitness, health and wellness.

This is how Mayweather Fitness Holdings began.

Become Part of a Diversified Portfolio Around the Mayweather Fitness Brands

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