Floyd Mayweather, the undefeated champ in the ring, has stepped into the venture arena, and we’re inviting you to be a part of the action. We are officially LIVE on Republic. Potential investors can now own shares of the Mayweather Fitness empire for as little as $250

Our company has already raised $10M of venture capital from accredited investors. Floyd has diligently safeguarded his brand over the course of his career, maintaining a close hold on everything he does with it.  For the first time ever, the public is presented with the chance to acquire a stake in the Mayweather Fitness empire! 

Established Company: We are dominating the $22B+ boutique fitness industry market with 100 gym locations nationwide. This doesn’t even cover the full suite of business under the Mayweather Fitness Holdings umbrella. 

Investment Highlights: 

  • Our first gym franchise business boasts a lifetime revenue of $35M.
  • 2,000% franchise system-wide revenue growth (2020-2023).
  • Multiple new business lines planned in cutting-edge nutritional products, gaming & merchandise).

The Power and Profit of Investing in an IP Holdings Company!

IP holdings companies thrive by licensing intellectual property, securing steady royalty payments… or opting for lump sum revenues through outright sales. Investing in a company like Mayweather Fitness Holdings offers huge potential upside with its diverse portfolio across the fitness industry. 

Floyd’s brand equity has already built a $1B boxing enterprise. Now we’re leveraging the Mayweather brand in fitness categories and engaging in top-tier strategic partnerships to rapidly create shareholder value. Intellectual property allows for lower capital expenditure, driving high-profit margins once developed. By leveraging the power of a household-name brand, premium IP bears unbounded potential for revenue growth. 

Knock Out Your Investment Game!

Floyd is a sports marketing genius, so we were always going to do things in a different way in business. We believe everyone deserves a piece of this rapidly growing fitness and technology licensing company. By bringing in public investors, we are changing the way fitness companies can grow, fund and market themselves. For those interested in diversifying their portfolio, visit Republic today!

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