Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is just the beginning of Floyd’s expansive fitness brand portfolio. We’re planning for the next level as we venture into new industries, including Mayweather nutritional supplements, gaming, and a range of exciting consumer products! We plan to launch and sell into major retail stores across the world. 

Through an exclusive investment round, we are opening up the opportunity for franchise candidates to become owners in Mayweather Fitness Holdings. (The opportunity is available for a limited time.) Now, you can become a passive investor with a much lower investment than the cost of building a new gym. Many of our Mayweather gym franchisees have already become investors in our parent company! 

When you invest in Mayweather Fitness Holdings, you own a stake in all our fitness businesses. Become part of a movement reshaping the fitness landscape, empowering investors to build their portfolios alongside Floyd.

Discover Why Investors Love Floyd’s Brand!

“The Floyd Mayweather Brand speaks for itself. To help others, you need to be right yourself. Making smart investments gives you that foundation and flexibility.” – Joakim Noah, NBA All-Star/Investor

“I have known James for over ten years, and I trust everything that he is a part of. I have been an Angel investor since leaving the SEAL teams, and Mayweather is my top pick for long-term success.” – Jeff Gum, Angel Investor and former Navy SEAL.

“I know how to identify companies that are on the rocket ship trajectory- and Mayweather Fitness is one of those. I’ve known the co-founder Burrel for over 20 years, and my trust is in the team, the business model, and the power of the team.” John Lee, Learning Curve International Co-Founder/ Built start-up to $500M.

“I am a multi-unit franchise owner of Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, and after learning of the new businesses that the parent company is launching, I knew that I had to invest and be a part of that as well.” – Valentine Nwankwo, Mayweather Franchisee and Investor

Hit the Investment Ring with Floyd!

Join Mayweather Boxing + Fitness in celebrating this monumental success and become part of the winning team! We believe that everyone deserves a piece of this rapidly growing fitness and technology licensing company. For those interested in diversifying their portfolio, we encourage you to visit Republic today! 


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